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A flat tire is the first problem that comes to most folks’ mind when the subject of tire trouble comes up. But the most common factor leading up needing new tires is simply the under-inflation or over-inflation of the ones you’ll already driving on. There’s no way to accurately determine how inflated a tire is just by looking.

That’s why we tuck a tire pressure gauge in the glove box of every Benny Boyd vehicle we sell.

You and your loved ones’ travel safety is our top priority. So we offer only the most dependable selection of new tire brands. And provide exceptional tire service based on your needs and schedule. After all, a flat tire doesn’t let you know ahead of time when it’s going to happen!

Try Not To Tread Lightly

Thin tread on your tires is an invitation for puncture and blowout trouble. Here’s an easy way to know ahead of time if it’s time for new tires. Once a month or before going on a long road trip, check your tires for wear by using the penny test. All you have to do is grab an Abe Lincoln penny and follow three quick steps.

    • Take a penny and hold the Lincoln side between your thumb and forefinger.
    • Look at your tire and choose a point where tread appears the shortest.
    • Place Lincoln's head into one of the grooves.

If any part of his head is covered by tread, your tread level is considered safe. If your tread gets below that amount (approximately 2/32”), your car's ability to grip the road in adverse conditions is greatly reduced.

Besides mechanical issues, another frequent condition that can lead to a flat tire is poor wheel alignment. Put new tires on wheels that are out of whack and you’re not solving the problem. You’re just causing new tires to wear out faster. Another way to extend the life of tires is to rotate them every six months or 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

Tire Shop Without The High Pressure

A lot of tire shops will try to steer you toward the most expensive tires—whether you need them or not! Not at Benny Boyd. Not only do we take into account your specific vehicle make and model, we factor in your type of driving (city stop-and-go or cruising highway miles) and the type of terrain you’re usually driving on—smooth, pocketed with potholes, rocky roads or a combination of conditions, the weight loads carried and a host of other new tire considerations.

In fact, Benny Boyd is such a complete one-stop tire shop, we’ll even show you how to make a tire swing with your old tires!

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